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Overview of Algorithm Development and Calibration ....

The DESY ATLAS group is involved in the reconstruction and calibration of physics objects, which are the basic ingredients of all physics analyses. This includes the reconstruction of tracks, electrons, photons, jets and the flavour tag for jets. In addition DESY works on the simulation of the tracking detector and the infrastructure for and commissioning of event generators.

Physics object reconstruction

Z to electrons mass distribution for electron performance studies

Photon efficiency estimated with three methods

An important input for every physics analysis is the identification of objects like tracks, leptons and jets. The reconstruction efficiency and resolution of these objects have to be improved continuously. In addition it has to be ensured that the response in our physics simulation is similar to that in data. DESY plays a leading role in many of these physics object selection and calibrations groups:

  1. Reconstruction of tracks
  2. Electrons and Photons
  3. Jets and Missing Energy
  4. Identification of b-jets

Residual JES vs the jet momentum and its error.

Generator software and commissioning

DESY is heavily involved in the maintenance of the software environment which is needed to run event generators inside the Atlas software framework Athena. In addition we are working on the commissioning of generators and so that these simulations can be used in physics analysis.

  1. Software and framework development
  2. Generator commissioning and performance

Detector Simulation

Desy is involved in Detector simulation as well. Here we concentrate on the silicon tracking detector for the current and future experiment (ITK) and the frozen shower parametrisation of the forward calorimeter.

  1. Inner detector geometry database
  2. Frozen shower
  3. ITK simulation (link to ITK page)


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