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Approaching the Fundaments of Physics Using Top Quarks at the LHC

Helmholtz Young Investigator Group of Yvonne Peters (2012-2017)

Research Activities

My Helmholtz Young Investigator Group focuses on top quark physics and simulation of tracking for the ATLAS upgrade at the highest energy collisions. We are situated at DESY (Deutsches Elektronensynchrotron), Hamburg. The group leader is also situated at the University of Manchester, UK. Our research is carried out at the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN, which is the highest energy particle accelerator available today.

We are constantly looking for new, enthusiastic members to join the group, and offer attractive PhD, Master, and Bachelor theses. Do not hesitate to contact us at any time!

Top Quark Physics Studies

Tracking Upgrade

The heaviest known elementary particle known today is the top quark. Therefore, the top quark is believed to play a special role in understanding the mechanism of electroweak symmetry breaking and to provide a window to physics beyond the SM. While the existence of the top quark was predicted by the Standard Model (SM), absolute proof is still required that the particle which was found is indeed the one predicted by theory.

In order to understand the SM and beyond, detailed determination of the top quark production rate and properties is crucial. The SM as it is known now violates unitarity at a scale of about 1 TeV, therefore effects from new physics can be expected at that scale.

We are involved in the measurement of

We work on various topics related to the ATLAS operation or upgrade.
- we were involved in cluster splitting algorithms for the inner detector upgrade, expected in 2022.
- we worked on service routing simulation for the ID upgrade.
- we are involved in task is related to sonar DCS for monitoring the current tracker.
- we are participating in a project to test CMOS as alternative choice for the strip tracker.
- we are involved in FTK-related activities

  • the ttbar asymmetry in the dilepton final state,
  • the top quark polarization,
  • studies of ttbar spin correlations,
  • modeling studies of ttbar, and
  • a search in the top sector





Since SS2015

Lecture: Particle Physics


SS 2013

Lecture: Physics of Particle Accelerators


WS 2012/2013

Terascale School Lecture: Hypothesis Testing


WS 2012/2013

Lecture: Statistical methods of data analysis


SS 2012

DPG School Lecture: Experimental Top Quark Physics

Bad Honnef

Group Members


Group Leader


PhD Students

Master Students

Bachelor Students


Yvonne Peters

Cécile Deterre
James Howarth
Alberto Gascon Bravo

Ralph Schäfer
Roger Naranjo
Abigail O'Rourke
Thomas Daubney
Nick Bedford




Sara Borroni



Yvonne Peters
Phone: +49 (0)40 8998 3938
E-Mail: Yvonne Peters
Location: 1c / O1.305
Notkestr. 85, 22607 Hamburg, Germany

University of Manchester
Oxford Road
Schuster Building, 5.09
Manchester M13 9PL, UK



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